William Haskell was Churchwarden at the Church of St. Stephen in Charlton Musgrove, England in 1627 – 1628.  He married Elinor Foule in 1600/1.  They had three sons, Roger (born in 1613/14), William (born in 1618), and Mark (born in 1621). These three sons immigrated to Massachusetts in the New World: Roger before 1636, William before 1643, and Mark before 1658.  Most Haskells in the U.S. are descended from one of these three brothers.

Church of St. Stephen
Charlton Musgrove, England

The Haskell Family Association (HFA) maintains a Haskell Family Tree at Haskells in North America - Descendants of William Haskell and Elinor Foule for 9 generations. This database is limited to 9 generations to protect the privacy of living persons.
Another version of the Haskell Family Tree is hosted on rootsweb. This version shows all generations, but hides information on living persons. It also contains information on Haskells not descended from William Haskell and Elinor Foule.
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Some of my ancestors

"The Royal Descents of Rev. Joseph Wayne Haskell"
    by Richard E. Haskell and Elizabeth (Haskell) Fisk
    Haskell Journal, The Journal of the Haskell Family Association
    pp. 13 - 18, Summer 2004.  (.pdf file)

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