Richard E. Haskell photo

I am the Chairman of the International Haskell Family Association (HFA) and its webmaster. We maintain an extensive Haskell genealogical database, which includes over 250,000 persons. Links to this public database are given on the Genealogy page of the HFA website at We also publish the Haskell Journal three times per year.

Photo of Rev. J. Wayne Haskell

My father was the minister of the First Congregational Church in Milford, New Hampshier and also a professional magician. When I was ten years old, he included me in his magic act. This story is told in my Mini Memoir called The Lost Chord, which was published in Issue 109 of the Haskell Journal and in Volume 2 of Writers of the Round Table. My sister and I wrote an article in Issue 68 of the Haskell Journal called “The Royal Descents of Rev. Joseph Wayne Haskell” , showing how our father is descended from European royalty. Click on the title or image to read.

My mother's maiden name was Tower—both her father and her mother were a Tower. My sister and I wrote an article, which you can read by clicking Dorothy Frances Tower – A Double Tower.

The Haskell DNA

DNA testing has linked present-day Haskells in North America to Haskell in England back to a common ancestor, William Hascall, who died before 1514. These results are described in two articles in the Haskell Journal. In the first article in Issue 89 (2013), I describe the results of my own Y-DNA test and how descendants of each of the three Haskell brothers who emigrated to New England in the 1630s share a common ancestor, William Haskell, the father of the three brothers, who died in England in 1630. The second article, in Issue 93 (2014), pushes the common ancestor back three more generations. You can read these articles by clicking on the cover pages of these issues.


Photo of Mayflower monument in Plymouth, MA

My application to The Mayflower Society, giving my descent from Thomas Rogers, who came on the Mayflower in 1620.

Thirty-two generations of my ancestors can be found on this website.

Photo of Old Planters sign in Beverly, MA

My application to The Winthrop Society, giving my descent from John Woodbury, who settled in Cape Ann in 1624 and then became one of the Old Planters who founded Salem, Massachusetts in 1626.

Photo of headstone of Nathaniel Haskell in Beverly, MA

Descendants of Nathaniel Haskell, who marched to the alarm of April 19, 1775 and is the ancestor I used for my membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.